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4 Encryption Technologies Your Company Should Be Using

4 Encryption Technologies Your Company Should Be Using

Do you know if your IT department or employees are using these four encryption technologies to keep your information safe?

1. Full Disk Encryption

This form of encryption is especially useful if your employees do a lot of work on laptops that they often take home with them. Full-disk encryption is exactly what it sounds like – the entire hard drive of your computer is encrypted and cannot be accessed without the right credentials. This form of encryption is great in case of lost or stolen devices, and is much safer than relying on Windows passwords.

2. Email Encryption

While most enterprise-level businesses run their own web servers, many small as well as mid-size companies rely on business versions of the same web-based email providers that individuals use. This, however, can lead to a problem – business email usually needs to be far more secure than personal email. Luckily, most email providers do account for encryption between your computer and the mail server. That leaves you to secure the message itself, and any archive or copy of the message stored on your computer. And if you’re already using full-disk encryption, all you have to worry about is the message itself.

3. Phone Hard Drive Encryption

If your employees conduct sensitive business over the phone, it’s not enough to simply set a pattern lock and call it a day. Many companies completely forget to secure the data stored on mobile devices and leave that data open to theft or interception. If you are to protect your company, it’s essential to ensure that all employees use strong encryption on the hard drives of their phones or tablets, and that they are locked with something stronger than a four-digit pin or a pattern unlocker.

4. Intranet Communication Encryption

How can you tell if the internal messages you send from your office down to your purchasing department are getting there securely? Unless you’ve encrypted the traffic on your company intranet, you can’t. While many small business owners believe that hackers and other network intruders break in, rummage around, and then leave quickly, in fact most hacking attacks will stay in your network intercepting and monitoring messages until they are caught and forcibly removed. Encrypt your internal messages and make them that much harder to snoop on.

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